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 Basic Rules

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PostSubject: Basic Rules   Fri Jul 22, 2011 10:22 am

These are the most important rules on the site that need to be upheld everywhere:

1. No flaming
-Do not verbally attack other members, unless of course it's an RP battle(Encouraged)

2. No Baiting
-Do not lure other members into an argument, it's pointless and your probably just trying to get attention.

3. No Spamming/Flooding
-No one cares if you like cookies. Do not post useless things on threads, and please do not start pointless threads.(1-3 word-posts also count as spamming!)

4. No Adult Content
-I speak for everyone when I say I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR YOUR FANTASIES. Adult role plays, images, videos, or anything else of the sort, it STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

5. No Impersonating Adminastrators
-Do not act as an admin on another site. We WILL find out, and you WILL be punished!

6. Do not disregard staff-members
-We're human to, but ranting or disrespecting your higher-ups is very rude

7. Do not Ask to be an Admin/mod
-I have everyone I want as a staff member go through a test beforehand to see if they're ready, I may come to you, but you shall not come to me.

8. Be nice
-Even if someone does not know how to role play a thousand words and you do, boasting, making fun of, and cyber-bullying is prohibited!

9. Fluent in English
-Sorry, and I do not intend to be racist or selective or anything, but if you can't fluently speak English(Not flawlessly, just fluently) you cannot stay, for this is an English website.

10. Role playing>Your Personal Life
-You broke up with your boyfriend, wonderful, but it does NOT need to hit the forums UNLESS it is VERY urgent/you're leaving.

11. Inactivity
-Your account will be banned after a month of inactivity WITHOUT a reason for your leave!

12. Please, Have fun!
-Role Playing is a way to escape and relax, please, enjoy yourself and don't get too caught up in matters to swerve you away from that path.

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PostSubject: Re: Basic Rules   Wed Aug 24, 2011 7:51 am

But i like cookies Crying or Very sad
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Basic Rules
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