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 Teams And Squads

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PostSubject: Teams And Squads   Thu Sep 08, 2011 4:47 pm

Ok I am here to tell you about teams and squads, both what they are and their differences.


Teams are usually temporary while the members create a squad. A team requires two members that want to work together and test co-op abilities. If it works out, they may create a squad. Max members of a team are four. Teams can only have one leader and that is if there are either 3 or 4 members.

Squads are usually created from strong team work and other things. It requires 2+ interested members to create a squad. A squad can have a maximum of seven members. A squad is usually the masters of team work and show great loyalty and skill to each other. A rebel is looked down upon by everyone. Squads show their great dedication and power by having at least three hard requirements. The squad will be approved by an admin, unless the creator is an admin. If the requirements are too easy then no matter weather you are an admin or member, it will be changed. Since the requirements are so hard team work is usually crucial for completion. The great skill required shows that they have achieved something and as such each member of a squad gets a gain in quests of 1% per squad requirement per member to a max of +30%. So if your squad is so hard to enter that you have 10 requirements and you have 4 members including yourself then you get +30% gains per rp. (pm me for this if you want me to work it out for you)

In that example it is that much because:
4 members
10 requirements
max is 30% so they get +30% gains.


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Teams And Squads
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