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 Character Rules

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PostSubject: Character Rules   Fri Jul 29, 2011 2:10 pm

1. Cannons
-Cannon characters are special, because they are characters from the main series and must be highly maintained. This leades them to have their own rules:
-You MUST start as the CURRENT rank of the cannon
-You MUST be fit to control that cannon.
-You CANNOT be a cannon WITHOUT having a custom character who is at least level 10

2. No marry sues or gary stues
-This means no perfect characters. No character is perfect, and so you cannot have a character without fear who has graduated the academy in a day and mastered forbidden techniques in under a few minutes, etc.

3. Be Reasonable
-A skinny academy student can't wield a large battle axe, so please be reasonable when making your character.

4. Follow THIS SITE'S character sheet. If we see you've used some other site's sheet or have not put one up at all and you try to role play, you will be warned/maybe even banned if it continues.

5. No in-breading, this means no Namekian-Changelings, no Majin-Androids, etc.(Saiyan/Human hybrids are the ONLY exceptions.)

6. You cannot have more than two characters at once.

7. it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to come to US weekly for updates.
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Character Rules
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