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 Tribec The Alien

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PostSubject: Tribec The Alien   Tue Oct 18, 2011 8:19 pm


[b]Appearance:My Picture

Picture or two Paragraphs:
Clothing:Check picture
Physique:check picture
hair:Check picture

[b]Biography:Tribec was once a bandit in the west galaxy on a off based moon with a small population but wide spread crime..His parents were killed by his best friend and most trusted right hand man..He would confront his so called friend only to find him dead at a nearby military abanded base..He was ambushed by several men in wierd suits..Despite being out numbered Tribec fought off the charaters with an inch of his life..

After recovering and still mouring the death of his parents, he began to remember the symbols on the suits that those Charaters were wearing..A giant M..He knew he seen that some where and he remembered that some business men not to long ago had the same Symbol on there forehead..The mission was clear get in his ship, get to the neighboring moon and kill..When he got to his Space pod he was knocked unconsious from behind and thrown into his space pod..His controls were smashed in and the space pod took off..Next Stop..Earth

History:Tribec once
Attitude:Observatant...Free spirited..At times insulting..He doesnt take much personal


Power Level:600

[b]Role Player:???me??

Roleplay Sample: As Tribec entered the forest he could smell the stench of dead bodies and passed away spirits..The loud bang but with no visual clues lead him to this where of wonder..He pushed the bushes apart as smoke started to rise in the sky ahead of him as he looked beyond the bush..He gathered Ki into his feet and leaped unto the tallest tree..Then thats when he saw it..A tall pale figure..And this guy didnt look very nice, neither did he feel nice..

Roleplay History:UMMMMM!.. Ive been roleplaying since 03.. >.>..When Msn groups ruled..Good ol days..
Find us:Find you? Im here lol
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Tribec The Alien
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