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 Items and Armor

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PostSubject: Items and Armor   Wed Aug 24, 2011 6:18 pm

The items database is there for a reason, and of course you would want to buy what's in there! But first, lets explain what they are:

1. ITEMS: The are general things, like Senzu beans, that do not really affect the inner workings of battle, but do usually give little boosts here and there. Using an item counts as a Basic Attack for the turn, and you can only use TWO per battle turn.

Also, a lot of items are "consumable", meaning after you use it, it goes away forever(or until you buy another one(s))

2. ARMOR: Armor are not just fashionable, but also give you essential boosts in combat that can really help. You have a total of 8 "slots" for armor:


You can only have one piece of armor for each slot, so choose wisely!


Weapons are cool-they practically fight battles for you if your trained well enough in them. However, they themselves also have rules:

1. Attacking
You only get ONE weapon attack per turn along with a technique, and if your not using a technique, you only get TWO attacks with it and NO OTHER ATTACKS! This is to ensure god-modding with swords n' stuff stays down.

2. Blocking
Your instinctively gonna want to block using your handy-dandy weapon, and with that in mind, you can. You can block any attack you desire with a weapon(Maximum is three in a row like regular blocking) HOWEVER, weapons have their own durability. Example time!

Lets say a sword has a durability of 100(Quite a flimsy sword...) and your blocking a punch that does 50 damage. Your sword takes 50 damage to it's durability, leaving 50 left. If it reaches 0, it shatters, and cannot be used for the rest of the role play unless fixed.

3. Repairing
That last attack was stronger than you thought, huh? Well, repairing is simple, after the battle, you have to pay(In the shopping thread) half of the amount of Zenni you paid to buy it in order to get it fixed. Once it is though, you can go and get it broken again!
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Items and Armor
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