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 Official Missions

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PostSubject: Official Missions   Wed Aug 24, 2011 10:35 pm

Here are the list of missions that may be preformed anywhere, at any time:

Name: Training
Requester: ---
Rank: Very Easy
Word Count: As many words as you please.
Requirements: Can be done with a partner.
Description: It's time for some good old-fashion training to hone those muscles and try out those skills! This is required to learn new techniques.
Rewards: 0 Zenni/0 EXP/0 SP
Possible Rewards: 20 Zenni per 100 words, 10 EXP per 100 words, and 50 SP per every 300 words.

Name: Rogue Warriors Attack!
Requester: Current Planet's Officials
Rank: Medium
Requirements: Defeat the invading tyrants, but do not harm the town or it's townspeople!
Word Count: 1500+
Description: A rogue band of fighters has arrived at a town on your planet! Your officials are paying you to help them out by discarding the rogues however you see fit, but do try not to destroy the town!
Rewards: 250 Zenni/50 EXP
Possible Rewards: may gain more EXP and alignment points by finding crafty ways to defeat the enemies, defeat them without harming the town, or to help them in their assault against the town.

Name: Thief!
Requester: Local passerby
Rank: Easy
Requirements: Defeat the thief
Word Count: 600+
Description: A local passerby is yelling to anyone who hears that a man has stolen their wallet! Get the crook back and you may get a reward, or help the thief and steal the Zenni!
Rewards: 120 Zenni/20 EXP
Possible Rewards: More Zeni, EXP, and Alignment Points may be rewarded to those who steal the wallet, give it back unharmed, or do something completely unexpected!

Name: Encounter with the Other kind*Require NPC*
Requester: Local Villagers
Rank: Hard
Requirements: Defeat the Alien
Word Count: 2500+
Description: An unidentified beings has landed in the center of a large, heavily-populated town. The alien is of no new species-it can be Saiyan, Namekian, Changeling, or anything else you think of-but it is most certainly NOT friendly. Defeat it before it defeats everyone!
Rewards: 1000 Zenni/100 EXP
Possible Rewards: More Zeni and EXP may also be awarded, but depending how you get rid of the alien(s) can affect alignment points as well!

Name: A Petty Job*Requires NPC*
Requester: Employer
Rank: Medium
Requirements: Guard the Professor
Word Count: 1300+
Description: There is a man with a bounty of 10,000 Zeni on his head, and he cannot be taken in! Apparently the school teacher has been training students to combat a ruthless gang, will you help him? Or kill him?
Rewards: 560 Zeni/65 EXP
Possible Rewards: If you kill him/turn him over, you will get a surplus of 1000 Zeni, a negative alignment of -3 points, and a death-match with and adversary much stronger then once thought! If you lose no rewards are given except negative points.
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Official Missions
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