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 Weapons Guide

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PostSubject: Weapons Guide   Sat Aug 27, 2011 1:37 am

Name: Small Knife
Cost: 100z
Two handed?: No
Description:A small switchblade, it won't do any kind of serious damage, but it can do small cuts and scrapes.
Durability: 70

Name: Basic Katana
Cost: 200z
Two handed?: No
Description: A small Katana, it probably isn't a real blade and is most likely and imitation, but it can hold it's own sometimes.
Durability: 110

Name: Rusty Cutlass
Cost: 400z
Two handed?: No
Description: A rusted cutlass, like the pirates use!
Durability: 140

Name: Bamboo Staff
Cost: 350z
Two handed?: Yes
Description: A basic staff made of bamboo, mostly used by beginners.
Durability: 120

Name: Wooden Staff
Cost: 500z
Two handed?: Yes
Description: A generally sturdy wooden Bo staff, a step up from Bamboo.
Durability: 180

Name: Steel Staff
Cost: 800z
Two handed?: Yes
Description: A hard, metal staff that can hold it's own in a fight!
Durability: 240

Name: Bulky Sword
Cost: 900z
Two handed?: Yes
Description: A very large sword, it has a very high durability, but if you carry it, you lose -50 Speed!
Durability: 400

Name: Mystical Sword
Cost: 1000z
Two handed?: yes/no(both)
Description: A sword made of a rare metal that allows it to cut through almost anything!
Durability: 600

Name: Z-Sword
Cost: Complete the "Z-Sword Adventure" Mission.
Two handed?: no
Description: A sword of legend, the Z-Sword has untapped potential that even the Kais-it's creators-cannot fathom.
Durability: 900

Name: Nun-Chaku
Cost: 700z
Two handed?: yes
Description: A pair of metal cylinders attached to each other through a strong chain.
Durability: 400

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Weapons Guide
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