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 Physical Techniques*NOT FINISHED*

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PostSubject: Physical Techniques*NOT FINISHED*   Wed Aug 31, 2011 9:14 pm

Ok guys it is my job to create techniques. If anyone has any custom techniques, put them into suggestion and me and "Admin" will talk it over to decide.

First of all: Physical Techniques

(This is the basic template if you wish to post some customs on the suggestions list)

Use cost:
Base Damage:
Base Speed:
Buying Cost:
Role Playing Cost:

Basic Techniques

Name: Break Storm
Type: physical
Use cost: 20 ki
Description: First used by Nappa, the user unleashes a storm of punches and kicks at the enemy totalling a combo of 7 hits, made up of punches and kicks.
Effect(s): Once the first blow hits the target, the rest proceed to hit them.
Base Damage: Damage is equal to all basic attacks combined.
Base Speed: 35
Buying Cost: 1050z
Role Playing Cost: 900+ Word Count
Restrictions: Cannot use any other basic attacks this turn. This attack can only be used twice in a battle and must have a two turn gap between it's use at least.

Name: Sway Punch
Type: physical
Use cost: 10 ki
Description: The user sways out of the way of a hit, and uses the opportunity to swing back a hard punch of their own.
Effect(s): Dodges a punch and aims a hard blow.
Base Damage: Damage equal to hard blow.
Base Speed: 30
Buying Cost: 500z
Role Playing Cost: 350 Word Count
Restrictions: Can only be used on physical attacks, fails automatically against enemies using energy attacks, cannot use a hard blow for the turn this technique was used or the next turn. This must have a break of two turns before use.

Name: Round House Head Kick
Type: Physical
Use cost: 15 ki
Description: The user spins on their back heel, and fires their other leg up as they spin, slamming their heel hard against the enemies head, not losing any balance due to the back heel being firmly rooted.
Effect(s): The enemy loses one action (So just one energy technique or two basic attacks)
Base Damage: 3/4 of users strength.
Base Speed: 1/2 of users speed.
Buying Cost: 700z
Role Playing Cost: 500 Word Count
Restrictions: Counts as a hard blow.

Name: Physical Deflect
Type: Physical
Use cost: 25 ki
Description: The user must have durability that is double the physical attacks damage for this to work. Only available on physical attacks. The user utilises their superior durability to knock aside a punch or kick aimed at them.
Effect(s): Deflects physical attack.
Base Damage: 0
Base Speed: 0
Buying Cost: 600z
Role Playing Cost: 500 Word Count
Restrictions: Once per turn.

Name: Minimal Rush
Type: Physical
Use cost: 15 Ki
Description: Using their speed as a large attribute, the user preforms a few basic attacks in rapid succession against a foe.
Effect(s): Preforms the equivalent of either three kicks or four punches. Once hit, the rest cannot be dodged.
Base Damage: Varies, must decide whether it is a punch or kick combo. Then, the total damage is the total amount of damage from all of the basic attacks combined.
Base Speed: 25
Buying Cost: 800z
Role Playing Cost: 700+ Word Count
Restrictions: If used, no other basic attacks can be preformed this turn. Cannot be used twice in a row.
Novice Techniques

Name: Powered Up Punch
Type: Physical
Use cost: 25 ki
Description: The user charges ki into one of their fists, then uses the charged up power to punch an enemy hard.
Effect(s): Damage can be increased by +15 by adding +10 ki.
Base Damage: 1/4 energy stat + 1/3 strength stat.
Base Speed: 1/2 of speed stat
Buying Cost: 1150z
Role Playing Cost: 1025 Word Count
Restrictions: Counts as the hard blow for the turn.

Name: Powered Up Double Hand Smash
Type: Physical
Use cost: 35 ki
Description: The user charges energy into both fists and clenches them together. They then slam them down on an enemy, dealing serious damage.
Effect(s): Damage can be increased by 25 by adding +15 ki.
Base Damage: 1/3 energy stat + 1/3 strength stat.
Base Speed: 3/4 of speed stat.
Buying Cost: 1250z
Role Playing Cost: 1100
Restrictions: Counts as hard blow for the turn.

Name: Afterimage Technique
Type: Energy
Use cost: 55 Ki
Description: The user, the instant he/she is about to be hit, teleports away, leaving a transparent image of themselves at the spot they used to be.
Effect(s): Automatically Dodges a physical technique/basic attack. Can be used more than once, but counts as a basic attack for the turn!
Base Damage: 0(Deals no Damage)
Base Speed: 3000
Buying Cost: 1500z
Role Playing Cost: 1200+ Word Count
Restrictions: Cannot use to avoid Energy-based attacks. Counts as one of the three basic attacks for the turn.

(techniques for this section are most welcome, cant be too strong, but not too weak either.)

Moderate Techniques

Name: Wolf Fang Fist
Type: Physical
Use cost: 50 ki
Description: The user charges ki around their entire body and takes a stance, the latter creating the image of a wolf around the user. They then proceed to land 20 punches on the enemy with great power in them.
Effect(s): If the first hit connects, the rest do as well.
Base Damage: 1/2 strength stat per hit.
Base Speed: 4/5 of speed stat per hit.
Buying Cost: 1750z
Role Playing Cost: 1550 Word Count
Restrictions: Due to its immense strength and great strain upon the body, the user can use it once per 20 levels, starting at one, then two times at level 21 etc.

Name: Abyss Impact
Type: Physical and some energy.
Use cost: 70 ki
Description: Used by super android 13 against vegeta. The user takes a few hard punches to the chest as if it were nothing. After being unaffected by the opponent's punches, the user grabs the opponent by their arms and slams them to the ground. Then, they puts his hand over the stunned opponent and blasts them with a red energy sphere, inflicting a great amount of damage.
Effect(s): Opponent is stunned (loses one action). Use if an opponent punches you. You completely ignore their punches damage and deal your own with not chance to dodge (can still block but as arms are pinned, has to make do with clenching muscles, so only blocks for 1/4 of durability.)
Base Damage: The slam is a heavy blow. They ki blast is 65 damage.
Base Speed: 0
Buying Cost: 2250z
Role Playing Cost: 2150 Word Count.
Restrictions: Can only be used two times per battle.

Name: Wake-Breaker
Type: Physical
Use cost: 130 Ki
Description: The user charges Ki in a palm, and karate-chops a target, sending the Ki traveling through to enhance the attack!
Effect(s): Can break weapons!
Base Damage: 85
Base Speed: 50
Buying Cost: 1400z
Role Playing Cost: 1000+ W.C.
Restrictions: Must have learned "Ki Control".


Name: Dance Of Pain!
Type: Physical and ki combo
Use cost: 40 ki add the ki of energy technique used.
Description: *requires a sword of any kind that is straight (eg not a katana)*
The user leaps at the enemy and kicks them up in the air. They then proceed to repeatedly slash the enemy apart with their sword, totalling seven slashes, then use the flat of the sword to smack them down. They then use an energy technique of their choice to fire down at the enemy.
Effect(s): Once the kick hits, they cannot dodge the rest, and the sword blows cant be blocked (How are you going to block a sword with your flesh?! Only the legendary warriors from original dbz could do that because they had power levels way over in the millions (in gt, goku and vegeta at the end had it in the billions).
Base Damage: 1 kick (hard blow) + 7 sword slashes (based on sword) + energy technique.
Base Speed: 40 + 1/4 of speed stat.
Buying Cost: 0z
Role Playing Cost: 0 Word Count
Restrictions: Uses up all actions for the turn, requires having done the mission "To hell and back" (a very hard level mission)

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PostSubject: Re: Physical Techniques*NOT FINISHED*   Wed Aug 31, 2011 9:34 pm

Wonderful work! I'm just going to edit the Ki costs a bit, because other than that I don't see any problems-keep it up!

~Admin Approval~
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Physical Techniques*NOT FINISHED*
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