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 Heavon-only Missions

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PostSubject: Heavon-only Missions   Tue Aug 30, 2011 4:06 am

Have you died, but are a good person? Then these missions are for you!

Name: Wonderful Person!
Requester: King Yemma
Rank: Easy
Word Count: 500+
Requirements: Tell of all your good deeds!*need to have positive alignment*
Description: King Yemma is reviewing your file, when he notices you led an interesting life! He has invited you to come to him and tell him your tales!
Rewards: 100 Zenni/25 EXP/+1 Alignment Points
Possible Rewards: More EXP/alignment points!

Name: Flower Picking
Requester: Lucky Soul
Rank: Easy
Word Count: 700+
Requirements: Pick the correct flowers that the soul asks for! Stay sharp, some are tricky to find!
Description: A dead soul has developed feelings for another soul, and needs your help to create a bouquet of flowers to impress her!
Rewards: 100 Zenni/50 EXP/+2 Alignment Points
Possible Rewards: More Exp, possibly.

Name: Training in Heaven
Requester: ---
Rank: Medium
Word Count: 1000+
Requirements: Try to keep up your physique!
Description: Your dead, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't train! However, training in heaven is a lot different than training in the living world-first you must regain your legs, as all dead souls attain a wispy "tail" in place of legs! Yemma would be able to help you, but you need to convince him that is a good idea!*If you finished the "Wonderful Person" mission, then you have a better chance at letting Yemma give you your legs back*
Rewards: 200 Zeni/70 EXP
Possible Rewards: Alignment Points based upon content.
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Heavon-only Missions
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