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 Dragon Balls!

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PostSubject: Dragon Balls!   Thu Sep 01, 2011 9:54 pm

Of course you want the dragon balls-everyone does. but there are some guidelines to them:

1. You cannot find a dragon ball without a dragon radar! They can be purchased at the shop!

2. You may not find more than one dragon ball at a time.

3. Dragon Balls can only be found on NAMEK and EARTH! There is no set of dragon balls in the otherworld or on Vegeta!

4. Once you find a dragon ball, no one else can find that one! If you are looking to get them all but someone already has one, your going to have to get it from them-brute force or negotiation, your choice!

5. There is no "stumbling upon" a dragon ball-you must have a radar!

6. You may only search for a dragon ball ONCE A WEEK!

7. Dragon Ball finding quests are NOT closed missions-anyone may join to try and stop you, as well as an NPC may be protecting one!

8. (for the namekian balls) You must Know Namekian to awaken Porunga from the balls!

9. Dragon balls CAN be searched for in groups, but remember: Shenron only grants ONE wish and Porunga only grants THREE!

10. Once the dragon balls are found, they scatter about and CANNOT BE FOUND FOR A MONTH!



Shenron is the earth dragon, and he is generally mild-tempered, and may threaten you if you take too long to make your wish!

-Only grants one wish, so choose carefully!


Porunga is the Namekian dragon, and he is very kindhearted and sympathetic. HE WILL NOT GRANT WISHES FOR SOMEONE WITH AN ALIGNMENT OF UNDER -3!

-Grants 3 wishes!

What you can wish for:

-Increased stats by up to 300 to one, or 150 to all.

-Up to 10000 Zenni

-One Technique(you may learn master techniques like this! But you HAVE TO BE ABLE TO FIT THE CRITERIA!)

-Revive a dead character

-Gain up to 500 EXP

-Get up to 3 Items(of any kind, except mission-specific ones!)

-Transport someone somewhere.

-Something else(With staff approval)

What you CANNOT wish for:


-More wishes

-Declined requests

-increased luck

-More Dragon Balls

-Something that is obviously nonsensical
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Posts : 210
Join date : 2011-07-22

Fighter Bio
115/200  (115/200)
60/200  (60/200)
Alignment: -5

PostSubject: Re: Dragon Balls!   Thu Sep 01, 2011 9:58 pm



1 Star -- Baba's Hut

2 Star -- Muscle Tower

3 Star -- Middle of the Ocean

4 Star -- Deep in a glacier at the south pole

5 Star -- Somewhere in East City

6 Star -- Korin's Tower

7 Star -- High in the Mountains


1 Star -- Guru's House

2 Star -- Middle of a Lake

3 Star -- Middle of the Ocean

4 Star -- Under the great Sage Moori's care

5 Star -- Namekian Village

6 Star -- Namekian Village

7 Star -- Buried Underground
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Dragon Balls!
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