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 Affiliate: The Outlands

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PostSubject: Affiliate: The Outlands   Fri Sep 02, 2011 9:16 pm

The Outlands
Forty years ago catastrophic storms ravaged the Earth. Resulting in a large loss of natural resources. Temperatures rapidly rose around the equator, while raging snowstorms covered in the north covered vast amounts of land. Civilization had enough to survive but the greedy nature of humans led certain governments wanting more. Many governments waged war to try and conquer new land and to gain more resources. It was a major world war that only caused the further depletion of the last few resources the countries had. Eventually they turned to the use of nuclear weapons, thus almost destroying mankind. The earths population had suffered greatly. The six billion was now only a few thousand but still the population continued to dwindle. Now small groups of people have gathered and began to reconstruct civilization hoping to restore what was lost. But not everyone is helping to rebuild. Some found it easier to pillage and murder to survive, these people are now called Raiders. Perhaps the most feared though, are the Brutes. The nuclear radiation is still heavily concentrated in some areas and the people who were stuck there were transformed into Brutes. Forming a new race, the Brutes are bigger, stronger, and more destructive. But the humans still remain the most intelligent. So, what will you be. A Townsman, raider, or even a brute. There are many choices, but the most important. Will You Build the World, or Break It!

Why join and be an active member of The Outlands? The Outlands offer many choices to ensure your character is unique and so is their story. Players are in control, they can freely open a business to earn cash and other valuable items. Create a religion and lead their followers on a journey. Or even try to ruin or rule the world through force. There are many ways to get ahead, what will you come up with?

Coin/other Currency
Coin is the currency used on The Outlands. All paper money has been destroyed throughout the years and the faces of coins have warn off. Although coin is not the most valuable. Almost anything you discover throughout your journey can be used as money. When buying from shops you can either use coin or IC ask the owner for a trade. The Most valuable is water, fresh clean water, Nothing is more valuable not even player-made vehicles (Hint-Hint). However, any and all findings done through roleplay must be approved. Short and Sweet.

When creating a character you are able to select up to three skills from a predetermined set. These skills depending on what you choose will give you advantages to certain tasks. Such as scavaging, fighting, and learning. The complete set of skills is found in the Create-A-Character topic.

The only way to survive in the Outlands is to scavenge. When making your character you are allowed 3 free slots for equipment to start off with. It can be almost anything as long as its fair. Guns, Water, Coin, or many other useful items. However if you start with a gun, if its a big gun (Not a handgun) then it takes up two of your free equipment slots. Also if you plan to start with ammo, the most you can get in one of your free slots is three ammunition. No strange alienlike technology or other futuristic items!

Pets are allowed and they can be used in battle, but only domesticated pets(This means only dogs,cats, birds and other domesticated animals). Your pets can die much easier than yourself. To gain a pet you must find and domesticate the animal IC.

There are three races in the Outlands.
--Townsman- The standard civilians, working, scavaging, and protecting each other to rebuild civilization. Some however may use their neighbors for their own gains.
--Raiders- Raiders are wild, ruthless, and follow no rules. They travel across the land surviving on what they take from others. It has been a well known but rare occurrence that they have attacked an entire town before. ALL RAIDERS WILL START AS A TOWNSMAN.
--Brutes- Brutes were humans before being turned into large bulky creatures by mass radiation. They are stronger and more capable of destruction than any other race. Surprisingly they still have their own ranks and fortifications making them more civilized than raiders.


OOC Rules
No pornographic material, this will result in a permanent ban
No spamming, reoccurring spam will result in temporary ban
Be respectful and refrain from racist or religious insults
Listen to the Mods, disobey a mod will result in a warning then eventually a ban

IC Rules
NO GODMODDING, god modding will get you a warning then if its persistent, eventually a ban
100WC minimum per post
Be Logical when scavenging. Obviously you will not find a gallon of water in the middle of a desert.
You CAN NOT be in two IC topics at the same time. This goes for Flashbacks as well.

Quests are a good way to earn money and other useful items. There are five different quest types.
Novice- Require a 700 WC minimum to complete, Usually are not that dangerous and the gains are little
Experienced- Experienced quests require a 1000 WC minimum to complete. These are more dangerous but still usually not life threatening
Seasoned- Requires 1300 WC minimum to complete. These are usually life threatening and will mostly involve combat
Heroic- Requires 1600 WC minimum to complete. Only the strongest survive. Very difficult and require a great deal of strategy
Legendary- Requires a 3000 WC minimum to complete, Also 2+ players are needed for these quests. Very challenging and its almost certain their will be deaths.

NOTE: when a Quest requires more than one member or just when you want to do a quest with someone, you MUST add an extra 500 words per member participating in the quest.

You cannot just appear in a town, you must first travel there. Each town has there own outskirts of the town. most have at least two. when traveling to another town you must post in the areas leading to your destination. This is to prevent Godmodding.

Training Skills
Training a new skill takes 2000WC. Why is the wordcount so high? Because in real life people dont just learn to master a skill in one day. However there are ways to lower the required WC for training skills. If a real player, not a NPC, is teaching you the skill you will get 500WC off. Also if you have the skill "Bookworm" you get 500WC off. With both of those you have just lowered the WC by half.

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Affiliate: The Outlands
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