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 Goko (again)

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PostSubject: Goko (again)   Wed Sep 14, 2011 5:59 pm

Height: 4ft 10in
Residence: Earth,read the rp below.


Picture or two Paragraphs:I`m not sure what to put here,he is goku`s brother,he looks just like goku.
Clothing: Tatered-up-cloth for pants and and a blue blue shirt
Physique: Kakaroto is a very strong kid.
hair: just like goku`s.

Biography: Brother of Kakarot-Goku,he was sent to the planet Lutira long before Kakarot.When he awoke,he was suprised to find himself on a planet with a normal atmosphere,plants,and life bursting forth.As he was running around the planet looking for food,a man was being attacked by another man.Kakaroto instincts told him to attack the man attacking the other.Goko walked up to them and said"Whats going on?"Goko threatened the man,but he said the man he was attacking stole his car."Oh."Goko said.Goko took the man who stole the car by the arm and told him to leave.The man ran away.The man who attacked the other introduced himself."I`m Pidon.You?"."i`m Goko"."I need somewhere to stay.Could i ask you to stay at your place?"said kakaroto."sure why not?"said Pidon."They were talking and decided they could help eachother. Pidon could take in Kakaroto and Goko could help Pidon train for a tournament he was entering.They both got pretty strong and Kakaroto decided to enter the tournament too.

History:Goko was sent to the planet of lutira by his father Bardock at the young age of 10.He hit his head on the landing and didn`t remember a thing(coincidence,right?).After he got up he heard someone yell"Goko!!"and he thought that was his name from then on.Luckily,while walking down a lonely street when a man named Pidon offered for Goko to live with him.Of course,Goko accepted and they trained hard together.

Attitude: Goko is a generous strong-willed guy who`s not intimadated very easily.He loves bannanas and most other fruits.He has a pretty big appetite and trains whenever he can.


Ability:Saiyan Spirit -- Saiyans get a +50 gain to all of their stats after a battle that they have lost

Stats: below

Out of 500 Stat Points:

150 -Strength
100 -Stamina
50 -Durability
100 -Speed
100 -Energy

Power Level:600

Role Player:dont understand what this is for

Roleplay Sample:

Spoiler:4 months after Pidon abandoned him,Goko was wandering the streets of lutira when he saw a spaceship with a sign on it that read:Free!
so Goko decided to take it to a place he`s always wanted to see:Earth.First,he need to stock up on supplies.He got a bunch of supplies from the money he found on the streets.2 months passed quickly and he was there.He overestimated the time it would take to get there,so he still had 3 months worth of supplies left.On the fourth day on earth,Goko noticed someone who looked very familiar...Pidon!Goko ran to Pidon."who the..."Pidon said."Oh,Goko.It`s you...Get out of my sight." "What!" Said Goko."Why?!?!" " Why,you ask?"Pidon said."you called me a mockery of power!You said I kept telling you to train harder while I sat around being lazy!"Pidon then kicked Goko in the stomach.Goko staggered backward, almost falling,but he kept his ground.oto then appeared above Pidon and kicked his head.Pidon fell,getting up a few seconds later.Pidon sent a barrage of ki blasts at Goko.Goko fell,willing himself to get up.He did, got in his stance,then said it.Ka...Me...Ha..Me...HAAAAA!!!It hit Pidon,full on.Pidon staggered back up and said"its going to take more than that to beat me..."Goko then sent a barrage of kicks, punches, and ki blasts at Pidon untill he ran away.

Roleplay History: dragon ball z dragon stories,here lol
Find us: Justin surofsky lol

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PostSubject: Re: Goko (again)   Wed Sep 14, 2011 6:05 pm

You don't need a new character sheet, just start up as your elder character that's been accepted.
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Goko (again)
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