A free-flowing Dragon Ball Role Playing forum that seeks out members of all ages and experiences! Come, enjoy yourself, and never give up!
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PostSubject: OUR ADVERTISEMENT!   Sat Sep 03, 2011 2:07 pm

Copy and paste this for other sites that you wish to advertise the site on. Remember to abide to THEIR advertisement rules!


(Click on the above image to go to the site!)

Dragon Ball: Rising Power is a fun, free-flowing Dragon Ball role playing site, accepting members of all experiences and ages to take part in the epic quest!

Storyline: What storyline? There is none! You interact and explore with the other members through missions, battles, basic role plays, and Saga involvements, and build YOUR OWN storyline!

Experience: Dragon Ball: R.P. has an active, eager staff whom is very kind and friendly to any and all members, and takes in your ideas and suggestions. In character, the enormous world has a unique battle system and a long list of techniques and missions for your character to take on!
(Looking to be part of the staff? Think you got what it takes? Then P.M. Me or any other staff member to start the exam!)

Other awesome features:

 [center]-Eight different races to choose from! Possibly nine in the near future!!

 -Over fifty different transformations and techniques to learn, and the database is always growing!

 -Dragon balls! That's right, you can take part in the Dragon Ball adventure and try to gather all seven!

 -Six different Planets and counting!

 -Fun missions ranging from Very Easy to Legendary!

 -Alignment Points determine if your character valiantly fights for good, or for evil![/center]

Join now, we're waiting!
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