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 Squad Of The Mighty

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PostSubject: Squad Of The Mighty   Squad Of The Mighty EmptyFri Sep 09, 2011 3:34 pm

Squad name: The Annihilators
Squad members: Kimino Gratuga, Dakota
Squad Leader: Kimino Gratuga
Target(s): To be decided
1) Must have all basic techniques and a moderate technique or transformation.
2) Must have been in three battles, with two of which resulting in victory. (Can
include requirements 3 and 4 in this)
3) Must have had a battle with the leader of the squad and have shown skill.
4) Must have taken on an admin and won (doesn't include the leader).
5) Must have at least 750 zenni and be willing to contribute 2 thirds of it to the
Planet HQ: n/a
Interested recruits: possibly wind

Why you should join me? Well...

1) I am a good role player with a terribly evil character.
2) I am loyal to my fellow friends and protect them.
3) I have good aims and am not evil as a leader. Also very good at it.
4) Protection against rivals and random enemies assured.
5) The strong are going to dominate the world. And I am the strongest.
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Squad Of The Mighty
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