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 Hell-Only Missions

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PostSubject: Hell-Only Missions   Tue Aug 30, 2011 4:06 am

Are you a terrible person who was just done away with? Then get over 'ere!

Name: Bloody 'ell
Requester: ---
Rank: Medium
Word Count: 1200+
Requirements: Fend for yourself!
Description: After coming to hell, you realize that "life" is going to be very hard. Like right now, there is a riot brewing in the devil's country and it's starting to drag people in! Take em' down, but only if they attack first, or you will become a target!(remember you nor the demons can actually "die"!)
Rewards: 300 Zenni/75 EXP/-1 Alignment point
Possible Rewards: ---

Name: Goz' and Mez' challenge
Requester: Goz/Mez
Rank: Hard
Word Count: 2300+
Requirements: Defeat Goz and Mez!
Description: The defenders of the gates of Hell, Goz and Mez are getting rather bored and have invited you to a duel. Do you accept?
Rewards: 500 Zeni/110 Exp
Possible Rewards: Alignment points depending on content.

*Can be done in groups*
Name: Break out!*Requires NPC*
Requester: All the Demons in hell
Rank: Legendary
Word Count: 4000+
Requirements: Defeat the hoard of villains and escape hell!
Description: It's time you came back! Help break out of Hell, but you need to go through some of the strongest fighters in Hell first!
Rewards: 2000 Zeni/140 EXP/Your character comes back to life wherever you where when you died.
Possible Rewards: Alignment points depending on content.
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Hell-Only Missions
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