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 Unconciousness, Death, and Hospitals

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Unconciousness, Death, and Hospitals Left_bar_bleue115/200Unconciousness, Death, and Hospitals Empty_bar_bleue  (115/200)
Unconciousness, Death, and Hospitals Left_bar_bleue60/200Unconciousness, Death, and Hospitals Empty_bar_bleue  (60/200)
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Unconciousness, Death, and Hospitals Empty
PostSubject: Unconciousness, Death, and Hospitals   Unconciousness, Death, and Hospitals EmptySun Sep 04, 2011 7:57 pm

Damn! lost! Well, if you have 0 Stamina, then one of these things happens:


Unconsciousness means your character's been knocked out. He/she has reached zero, but has not died. What happens? you must recuperate at a hosptial/healing ward(EVERY LOCATION HAS ONE!) and you must stay in the hospital for a day to regain your lost stamina. If you have a healing item, you may use that in place of the hospital option.


Sometimes it is best to show no mercy. If you have died, you must contact an admin. That admin will look at your alignment and general character personality, and judge whether or not you go to heaven or hell. Once there, YOU MUST STAY THERE UNTIL REVIVED BY THE DRAGON BALLS, or by some other means(do not ask as any other circumstances not pre-determined by the admin team will be rejected.)
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Unconciousness, Death, and Hospitals
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