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 admin techniques

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PostSubject: admin techniques   Sat Sep 03, 2011 8:26 am

Ok i have a suggestion. As admins are here to both help the site and take down people that get too full of themselves, admins are supposed to have extra powers, which we already do in the form of 1200 power level and all basic techniques and a novice (or a transformation if you can do a good 2k+ post about it). I have come to suggest if admins should have some extra abilities.

- salary
This idea is that admins are given 25 zenni per topic that is approved, however if the admin goes out of their way to approve everything without reading it and just does it for the money, then they lose any money they gained so far and must prove themselves worthy of this ability if they wish to have it again.

- sales
As admins need to be stronger than the average or good player, they got all the basic techniques upfront, + your choice (see above). However if they get ill or are on holiday for a break there would be an absence which would mean the players could surpass the admin. To help combat this, i suggest that admins are allowed to buy and train techniques, transformations and items at half price.

- experience
Same as salary but with exp and the exp gain is 10. Also, admins get +25% gains on missions as they are supposed to be wise and all knowing. If the admin starts slipping up on this, once again it is removed.
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PostSubject: Re: admin techniques   Sat Sep 03, 2011 1:47 pm

I am interested in the idea, but I don't know...

The Salary part is a good idea, include in your character(main)'s update how much you've done moderating and it'll be added up like that.

a 50% discount is too much in my opinion, I think a 25% discount is fair to all. And having a few members surpass admins is a good thing-remember they are just having a good time here!

Admins aren't supposed to be wise and all knowing in-character. While your role playing your character cannot know anything out of the information he/she has been told, and since grading a role play doesn't have anything to do with your own character, no EXP can be awarded, sorry.
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admin techniques
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